Hi, I’m Aimee. I am a queer, mixed white (Scottish and Germanic descent) and Indigenous woman (Osage Nation citizen), community organizer, writer, and witch rooted in California. My work is focused on the development of our human potential, respect for the land and all who make it home, and being in organization with communities who struggle for liberation.

My social movement work for over a decade has ranged from volunteer coordination and leadership development to digital organizing and communications to leading local capacity-building teams and organizing mass people’s assemblies in California. My organizing and political philosophy has been shaped by women-of-color-led movements in the U.S., models of Indigenous leadership, my working-class family, and my time studying with LeftRoots and in community with the Right to the City Alliance. I’ve been learning and practicing tarot, plant medicine, and spirit-led work since 2017. In my tarot practice, I draw from empowering, inclusive and liberatory frameworks from Little Red Tarot, Sarah Faith Gottesdeiner, Michelle Tea, Diana Rose Harper, and many more. I believe that The People are the hero in the hero’s journey to create a new life-affirming world where justice is possible, and each of us has a part to play.

My work includes

  • Tarot reading and divination
  • Ritual development and spellwork
  • Plant medicine creation and communion
  • Poetry and essay writing
  • Facilitation (mass people’s assemblies, workshops, community meetings)
  • Volunteer coordination and leadership development
  • Participatory grassroots research
  • Strategic and program planning
  • Communications and digital campaigns