working at the intersections of land, story, and human development

currently in relationship with trees, tarot, and social movements

On Burnout and Being Fire

Cards are from the Botanica Tarot. Spread is my Tarot Spread for a Time Cycle What to compost – 8 of swordsWhat to plant – 2 of pentaclesWhat to offer – Queen of wandsWhat to harvest – 10 of wands We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Our… Continue reading On Burnout and Being Fire

We’ll Never Be the Same

 Pandemic Anniversary spread from Moriah Simmons1. lesson from the past year to reflect on right now – Queen of wands2. what was most painful for us this past year – Queen of swords3. what action can we take that will begin to heal – Empress4. what hidden gifts has this… Continue reading We’ll Never Be the Same


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