Chelsea T.

Aimee is a balanced, no-bullshit reader who will guide you toward selected, targeted advice for your life based on what resonates, and this advice works. A calming and savvy force of magick able to support the expansion of ancestral veneration, reparation, social justice, and healing practices in your life. With the help of Aimee’s herbs, tarot, guided spell work, and magickal aesthetic, I’ve experienced personal transformation in my self care, mental health, and in my own developing magickal practice. I highly recommend working with her as a repeat reader and witch—the green witch magick inside her will help manifest heavenly things in your life through the balm of her patience, intuition, inspiration.

Aileen J.

Aimee uses a variety of modalities to work with folks – tarot; plant-based wisdoms; and her years of experience as an organizer and communications professional. Whether it’s personal, professional, or organizational change you need, she has both experiential and intuitive wisdom to help support you in your work.

Mextli L.

When I requested this reading I was in a place that felt difficult to break out of, mostly because of the amount of mental circling and insecurity that was occurring inside me. All of it just inside my head, too afraid to take action or step into my body to figure it out. I feel like with these cards I feel a sense of clarity and a path forward for the week and your encouragement makes me feel like I can take it on!


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