Organizational 4-card Reading


The cards are not limited to providing insight on personal matters, and can be a highly relevant tool to help you think outside the box on political and organizational issues. Using my “Tarot spread for a time cycle,” this 4-card reading will assess high-level organizational issues to focus on for a period of time of your choosing. In this reading I combine my skills as a tarot reader and organizer to bring a fresh perspective on organizational challenges including but not limited to strategy, prioritization, inter-personal issues, and opposition analysis. This is a 4-card reading for one question sent as a PDF via your email provided. You will receive a photo of the cards and 1-2 paragraphs of my interpretation within 10 days of receipt unless otherwise notified. Available for progressive/Leftist/decolonial organizations only.

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This reading is intended to support you in self-reflection on your question and to determine your own path forward. I will not tell you what to do or predict the future with this reading.

Here are some guiding questions to help you form your question: What do you want to know? A particular subject, outcome, etc. What is the core of the situation at hand and can you get more specific? What is the timeline for what you want to know?

No refunds are available for completed readings. I reserve the right to refuse a reading and if so will issue a refund.


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