On Burnout and Being Fire

Cards are from the Botanica Tarot. Spread is my Tarot Spread for a Time Cycle What to compost – 8 of swordsWhat to plant – 2 of pentaclesWhat to offer – Queen of wandsWhat to harvest – 10 of wandsWe are still in the middle of a pandemic. Our leadership in building a world where…… Continue reading On Burnout and Being Fire

We’ll Never Be the Same

 Pandemic Anniversary spread from Moriah Simmons1. lesson from the past year to reflect on right now – Queen of wands2. what was most painful for us this past year – Queen of swords3. what action can we take that will begin to heal – Empress4. what hidden gifts has this year unearthed – Hierophant5. how…… Continue reading We’ll Never Be the Same

Befriending the Void

Current perception of the void – Ace of CupsA loving message to me from the void – 6 of CupsWhat can I release into the void? – 2 of WandsHow can I cultivate my relationship with the void? – 5 of Swords from the Befriending the Void spread by Moriah Simmons The Void could be…… Continue reading Befriending the Void

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Becoming our own guide

Cards from the Brady Tarot 1) what are we struggling to become – 6 of arrows / passage2) where are we on the path – daughter of horns3) primary obstacle – 2 of feathers / success4) how to overcome that obstacle – mother of feathers5) outcome around the summer solstice – 10 of roots /…… Continue reading Becoming our own guide

Sharing our burdens

For a dozen years I have been traveling the road of nonprofit worker, wearing many different hats, but probably the most well-worn are organizational development and building power through volunteer coordination and coalitions. For three years I have been studying the art of tarot, believing it to be a tool of self-reflection and individual support,…… Continue reading Sharing our burdens