working at the intersections of land, story, and human development

who I am: organizer, writer, and tarot reader

Marking Time by Trees

Something I regularly think about is how many issues, whether it’s the climate crisis or social inequalities are replicated by our lack of being tied to a place, to the land. How it has been central to capitalism to push people off their land and then state and corporate consolidation…

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Tarot for Transformative Justice

I think like many people, I first engaged with the concept of transformative justice as primarily an alternative model to the police. It is an alternative, but it is more than this, and in a different way than you might think. It is not something that the state can pick…

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On Fossil Fuels & Responsibility

I started this blog in January of this year as an experiment. After studying tarot starting in 2017 and practicing mostly with friends, family, and comrades, this blog and this website was launched both as sort of a professional coming out and as a home for continued exploration of using…

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