working at the intersections of land, story, and human development

who I am: organizer, writer, and tarot reader

Embarking on a visit to Osage sacred sites

Five generations back the last of my Osage ancestors were born and raised in Missouri until the removal act in 1830 where they were forced to leave our homelands for thousands of years, the place where we founded cities and civilizations. Until earlier this year, I had never set foot…

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I released an EP

READY by Organtide If player embed isn’t working click this button: An unofficial partial list of reasons: The things that are weird, messy, broken in me needed a place to live There needed to be something important in my life that I could dedicate myself to that was not my…

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Marking Time by Trees

Something I regularly think about is how many issues, whether it’s the climate crisis or social inequalities are replicated by our lack of being tied to a place, to the land. How it has been central to capitalism to push people off their land and then state and corporate consolidation…

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